Blue Lagoon


If you wish to avoid the crowds on the group tours, and have a relaxing and refreshing 3 hours out on beautiful coastal Croatia, this tour is the right choice for you. Nestled between the two Krknjaši islands, this enchanting lagoon is blessed with crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and fun in the sun.

After 30 minutes of speeedboat ride you will arrive to the Blue Lagoon, principle is easy-going: Relax in this attractive place with brilliant turquoise water, everlasting sunshine and a sandy seabed. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to explore the colourful underwater world, use your time there to swim and snorkel. On our way we will visit another Unesco’s gem – the city of Trogir.
Trogir is an historic old town founded in the 3rd century, this was an unique opportunity to discover a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is one of the best-preserved examples of a Romanesque-Gothic architecture not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe.

Trogir is in effect to small but it is very charming with it’s long port with many palm trees, wonderful boats and the several picturesque places and streets, to resume it is a real relax environment so far from tourist’s places in the largest town.  Pack your bathing suits, your sunglasses, do not forget the sunscreen, and discover those heavenly beaches.

Blue lagoon is a breathtaking lagoon, with unique sea color

One of the unspoiled natural beauty of Split- Dalmatia region is Krknjasi lagoon on the east coast of the island Drvenik. On the outside, the bay is protected with beautiful islands, large and small Krknjaši. A beautiful pebble beaches and shallow sandy seabed is a true tropical paradise of our sea. Along the coast are small coves with sandy shoals that provide intimacy and are suitable for families with small children. On Krknjaši is a cult Dalmatian tavern with an excellent selection of fresh seafood and authentic Dalmatian dishes. The lagoon is quite shallow on the North side and in between islands, and the only way for reaching lagoon having enough depth for the average sailing yacht is from the West side.

Blue lagoon is beautiful place for anchoring, swimming, snorkeling, and it best location in Trogir area for taking most beautiful photos thanks to special turquoise sea color.

Haven Bar is situated on island Krknjaši

Haven Bar is situated on island Krknjaši, just next to the fantastic Blue Lagoon which amazes all the visitors every day more and more. Position of this bar is not the only thing which makes it so interesting, but is certainly the most important one. but, when this great location is incorporated with good staff, fantastic cocktails and snacks and even a good lunch/dinner, then you just can’t miss it. Lie on the beach or on a deck chair and sip a cocktail and jump into the sea when it gets too hot – can it be better? We think not…