Regatta à la Carte

Competitions Suited for Everyone

The Croatian coast is a world famous paradise for yachtsmen because of the climate, stable winds and breathtaking scenery. Sailing is accompanied only by the sound of the wind and waves, which makes visiting the numerous Croatian maritime attractions all the more charming. The regattas, as an elite and especially entertaining part of sailing, go hand in hand with the sailing culture in Croatia, which hosts many local and international sailing competitions. Anyone looking for good and adrenaline-filled entertainment, regardless of the level of their sailing skills, will surely find their place there.

The regattas are held year-round thanks to the good weather conditions, numerous destinations suitable for hosting them and favourable winds that are just the right speed. They are not held as often during the winter months, but true sailing enthusiasts can enjoy the offer and different sailing competitions almost every weekend. Croatia is host to junior and Olympic class competitions, yacht sailing and mono-class regattas and surfing competitions, and it offers rare diversity and quality of numerous events for sports-oriented yachtsmen.

They include many yacht sailing competitions divided into sports manifestations, local regattas that are often held hand in hand with a lot of fun both on the sea and on land, followed by organised team building and thematic events that incorporate sailboat competitions.

The sport yacht sailing competitions are held according to the newest ORC measurement or the Open classification, the quality of which has enabled Croatia to host ORC World and European championships. The Easter regatta held at the season opening is the best example of such a competition. Mono-class regattas are also gaining popularity, such as the TP 52 class competition.

Informal regattas are even more popular than the sports regattas. They are events that are held on routes connecting charming tourist places on the coats with the islands and pass through the most beautiful parts of the Croatian Adriatic, providing the participants with the chance to enjoy the programme held both at sea and on land. These regattas are often held according to simplified measurements and/or Open classification, making them open to everyone – from small family sailboats to the large and state-of-the-art “sailing machines”. Examples of such regattas are the Mrduja or the Fiumanka regattas, that host a large number of sailboats during its informal part, the South Dalmatian regatta held during the peak season between Korčula and Dubrovnik., while the fact that more than 150 sailboats and 1000 yachtsmen participate in the Vis regatta, the unofficial season closing, speaks in volumes to all sailing enthusiasts. Yachtsmen visit the Adriatic to participate in closed competitions, so you can often see fleets of 50 or so sailboats having a “private party” at sea, and regattas organised by renowned manufacturers such as Beneteau Rally, Hanse Cup and Adriatic Lagoon are also held in Croatia. All these competitions have one thing in common – they are hosted by a unique archipelago of Croatian islands because of which the sailing competitions have more quality present in every detail, from natural beauty to friendly hosts.

So it comes as no surprise that Croatia was one of the most successful countries at the last Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. The Olympic and junior class regattas held in Croatia are also top level regattas, such as the World Championships for the Laser or Finn classes. Croatia is also becoming the ideal destination for training foreign yachtsmen for competitions, offering organised training camps that are very attractive because of a favourable climate when the temperatures are significantly lower in the rest of Europe.

People who love speed and adrenaline will also find their dream destination here. Croatia certainly has plenty of these, offering relaxed afternoon surfing, with classic or kite sails, but also World Cup regattas and attractive local competitions.

When you consider Croatia as the sailing destination for competitions, you can be sure of one thing – you will find what you are looking for. Croatia is your destination – whether you want to compete with the best sailboats and yachtsmen of today, go sailing with your family and friends or you want to feel the waves on your face while chasing buoys in your sailing suit.