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Have you had the chance to sail the Croatian coast or are you already a regular visitor who comes back every year? There is no question that Croatia is one of the leaders in international nautical tourism, however what aspect of the diverse nautical offer will suit your tastes is up to you. So find the best yacht for yourself and start your journey in the Labyrinth of Beauty.

Hanse 548

Mila Felice

Elegant, prominent lines are what make the design of Hanse so unique. The new Hanse 548 carries on this tradition perfectly. The aero- dynamic, elongated deck and the eye-catching details harmoniously combine a confident style with sporty elegance.

Bavaria Cruiser 51


You will love spending time below deck. The BAVARIA CRUISER 51 takes your breath away with her luxurious interior design – the best materials, comfortable upholstery, classically elegant ambience and plenty of light.

Bavaria Cruise 46


Bavaria Cruiser 46 is among most popular boats for charter in Croatia, and this is 5th that we are adding to our fleet. She comes with 4 very spacious cabins and 3 heads. Bavaria Cruiser 46 won European Yacht of the Year award in range of family cruisers. If you need comfortable cruiser for family or large group, brand new Bavaria Cruiser 46 is perfect choice.