Glavat – a Monument to Indecision

Lastovo Nature Park is Croatian for “Heaven on Earth”. The island is the most remote inhabited island in Croatia, almost as a separate continent, where pleasure, crystal blue sea and wild nature inhabit the same space. It was named after swallows (lastavice in Croatian), while the ancient Romans used to call this piece of unspoiled nature at its best the “Imperial Island”.

Climbing the 417 m high Hum hill, the highest point on Lastovo, is a special kind of pleasure, offering views of the mysterious island of Palagruža and tiny lighthouse–islands that guard the serenity of Lastovo like true sentries. The lighthouses are called Glavat, Struga, Sušac and Tajan. The first among them is the hero of an unusual legend revolving around Greek gods, Mount Olympus, emissaries, and the beautiful Croatian islands. Sounds interesting, right?

According to folklore, the Greek gods couldn’t agree on which Croatian island was the most beautiful – Mljet, Korčula or Lastovo. It’s fair to say there is no right answer to that question, even now. One god strongly argued for Odysseus’ island of Mljet, another one protested, instead offering Korčula, while a third god sang the praises of the beauties of Lastovo.

The Story of How the Islands of Mljet, Korčula and Lastovo Caused a Fight Among the Greek Gods

The discussion would have probably lasted for years had it not been for Zeus or Poseidon (both are mentioned in various sources), who decided to send an emissary to evaluate the beauty of the islands first-hand.

The gods’ emissary dove out of the sea at the exact spot where today the tiny island Glavat is situated, nine nautical miles from Lastovo, twelve from Korčula and eight from Mljet. For days, he watched the islands, admired them, and created lists in his head of their advantages and disadvantages, and yet he still could not reach a decision. The powerful gods decided to punish his indecision by petrifying him amid the beautiful islands, turning him into the tiny island of Glavat.

Mljet, Korčula or Lastovo? Sounds like the million-dollar question. It’s probably best to visit all three, just in