Lastovo Islands

EDEN finalist 2008/2009

Lastovo Islands Nature Park
Island of the bright stars

One of the legends tells the story of how the Greek god Zeus sent his envoy to find the most beautiful island in the world. He thought this would end the discussion that was going on at Olympus about which island was the most beautiful, Lastovo, Mljet or Korčula. The envoy looked at the islands and could not decide which was the most beautiful one so the gods turned him into a rock, the present island of Glavat.

Lastovo Islands Nature Park is an area of mystic beauty with fertile fields, wells and thick forests, steep coasts, land and underwater caves. It consists of the Western islands and Sušac, Donji škoji – Lastovnjaci and Gornji škoji – Vrhovnjaci. Overall there are 44 islands, islets and rocks. Its underwater world attracts divers, cycling and hiking trails attract lovers of active vacations, and the brightest starry sky attracts romantics. Almost 70 percent of Lastovo Islands are covered in forests, and apart from Mljet, they have the most forests amongst the Adriatic islands. Hum is the highest point on the island and it offers a fantastic view of the hills, coves and the sea.

The rich cultural and historic heritage is evidenced by the stone churches across the island, the lively fumari (chimneys) with no two ones being the same, and the Lastovo Poklad (carnival), a unique event where all inhabitants gather.

You will fall in love at first sight with these picturesque villages. Of particular interest is Lastovo with its 15th and 16th century stone houses, and Lučica, the last Baroque fishing village.

Nature park Lastovo

This remote group of islands is richly indented, full of greenery and boasts a unique folklore tradition. One of the reasons for such a high degree of preservation and the special atmosphere of peace and tranquillity is their remoteness: it takes more than a four hour journey from the mainland to reach them. The waters of Lastovo allow true lovers of maritime life to indulge themselves fully, and only experienced yachtsmen sail these distant islands. Lastovo is equally attractive when approached from the north towards the small port of Pasadur across the open sea and towards enchanting Hidden Port, or if simply sailed into any of the romantic coves that surround this magical island. Having sailed into the waters of Lastovo, the most experienced sailors will not miss out on the chance to visit one of the island’s lighthouses, particularly Glavat located on a tiny island east of the main island of Lastovo, or Sušac, sitting on a cliff far out into the open sea. Today, these lighthouses have been transformed into tourist facilities for those yearning for utter solitude and primeval romantic charm.

Marina Solitudo

Marina Solitudo

The marina for yachts is in front of the hotel, and within the hotel is a diving centre with a diving school. The Hotel Solitudo is situated in the little town of Pasadur, in a place where two of the most beautiful coves (Velo and Malo Lago) join on the island of Lastovo. Right by the hotel is berthing for approximately 30 yachts with connections for electricity and water, whilst the fuel pump is located in the town of Ubli which is about 3 km (1 nautical mile) from the hotel.

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