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Renting Yachts for Leisure and Sports in Croatia

Visitors from all over the world come to the Croatian Adriatic coast, and naturally many of them opt to rent various types of vessels for leisure. Rental types depend on various factors such as the number of persons involved, the budget, voyage duration and navigation area, but regardless of the charter-party type, an excellent and diverse choice of vessels for rent are on offer which will allow you to truly enjoy the Croatian seas. Numerous agencies offer a wide range of vessels for rent, and they are generally divided into unmanned vessels and crewed vessels.

Unmanned vessels are usually shorter than 15 meters and are rented by guests with sailing experience who want to explore the most beautiful parts of Croatia with nothing but their own knowledge and experience to guide them. Unmanned vessels can also be rented by inexperienced individuals but they then hire professionals in order to be able to equally enjoy sailing and all the wonderful activities associated with life on board a ship. The most common crew members are a skipper and hostess who are in charge of manning and maintaining the vessel. These are proper Croatian guides who will adapt your vacation to your needs and give it a special feel.

Crewed vessels have a professional crew operating the ship, but what makes them stand out is the high level of service offered by such vessels: from just two people to a numerous crew for big yachts, the quality of the crew determines the quality of your sea experience, which is best felt in a rented boat. Yachts with a Croatian crew, apart from operating by professional standards of the nautical industry, offer a vast knowledge of the route of navigation, with a crew that has experience in the hospitality industry that is used on yachts. This is an important factor that will highly increase the quality of your stay on a yacht.

Unmanned vessels are categorised into sailboats, catamarans and motor boats, and you can experience as much fun sailing the seas on them as with crewed vessels. The type of vessel you choose depends on your preferences. Sailboats are the most common type of charted vessels in Croatia, thus their offer is extremely wide and varied. From small and affordable vessels for four people to the biggest and most advanced sailboats, you can find anything nautically imaginable in Croatia. 

Catamarans are fewer but what’s on offer is superb. There has been an increase in demand for these types of vessels as of late and this visible trend has made their number rise in Croatia, with all the available types being brand new. Catamarans are typically spatial, stable and similar to holiday homes. Thus having family or more friends aboard with you on the high seas in not only possible but also very comfortable. Catamarans are especially popular for people who are renting vessels for the first time, and these vessels can take on up to 12 guests. 

Unlike catamarans, smaller motor boats are usually rented by experienced guests who know how to operate and manage them. Their speed allows you to reach remote destinations in a short period of time. Exploring Croatia on a motor boat allows you to visit the most popular and the most hidden places, a combination of simultaneously enjoying hidden corners and late night entertainment, and being able to reach remote places quickly.

Crewed vessels are categorised into yachts and charted vessels that by standards are not part of the yachting industry. The only difference is in their length and the amount of money a guest is willing to spend in Croatia. These are the most luxurious vessels used for leisure at sea, and often the largest yachts in the world visit Croatian seas when chartered. Most vessels of this type on offer in Croatia are between 20 and 50 meters in length. Based on the criteria stemming from the guests’ demands, they can be divided into yachts with three cabins up to a maximum of six cabins. Most yachts offer high quality services, and can be described as “floating hotels” often seen on Croatian seas. 

On the other hand, vessels that can be rented but cannot be categorised as yachts due to how they were made (e.g. gulets and small cruise ships) can offer the same or similar level of service to guests. Croatia has become one of the leading European countries in this sector because of the high value for money that the guests get.

Apart from the described group of vessels there are those that are rented based on the current demand, such as speedboats for daily excursions, dive boats or sailboats for regattas. Regardless of the type of vessel you prefer, you will undoubtedly find something that suits your taste in Croatia, which will allow you to explore and enjoy this unique European archipelago.