Istria – a Sailor's Dream
A Symphony in Blue and Green

Istria is a peninsula full of surprises, whose multifaceted history and cultural and natural riches can easily entertain even the most demanding tourists and enthusiasts, including sailors approaching from the sea.

The island interior features miniature fairytale locations and green hilly scenery, its western indented coastline is full of towns lined one after another like pearls on a necklace, while the neglected eastern coastline is characterized by bluffs and lush vegetation. Three natural jewels, the Brijuni National Park, the Premantura and the Lim bay nature reserves, form part of the Istrian mosaic and make for ideal destinations for your seaside vacation.

Pula is the perfect starting point for your exploration of the Istrian coast, as it has the biggest marinas on the peninsula. Located at the heart of the Istrian navigation route, this ancient town with its iconic and wonderfully preserved Roman amphitheatre covers every available option for sailors.

In good weather conditions, we recommend sailing to the well-visited western coast characterized by numerous islets, lagoons and picturesque towns. The Rovinj archipelago with its 22 islets represents one of the most beautiful island oases of the northern Adriatic, and the vivid old town of Rovinj, crowned by the Church of St. Euphemia, the patron saint, is the perfect choice for your first overnight stay.

One of the most beautiful natural attractions, the nearby Lim bay, adorned with a fairytale landscape, steep green cliffs and excellent clams will have to be postponed for another time unfortunately because sailing across the bay individually is not permitted. But you can pay a visit on one of the excursion boats that frequently visit this natural wonder.

Feeling happy that you have contributed to the preservation of natural harmony, set your course towards one of the more elite Adriatic marinas and the town of Novigrad. Colourful stone houses, the atmosphere of a small fishing village and Novigrad’s rich history are a tale in itself, and in case of bad weather conditions, this ancient town can be a perfect starting point for exploring Istria’s inland gems.

By sailing in these waters you will of course have to visit the Brijuni National Park, an attractive archipelago consisting of 14 bigger and smaller islands. After mooring your vessel in the Sveti Nikola cove located on Veliki Brijun or in the Sveti Mikula cove on Mali Brijun, go in search of archaeological sites, hidden coves, green meadows and diverse animal life. Immerse yourself in the surreal peaceful atmosphere of these paradise islands which served not so long ago as the summer residence of the Yugoslav president Tito and were available only for the select few.

After Brijuni, we suggest you sail towards the eastern shores of Istria. After leaving the imposing Porer lighthouse, the most southern point of the peninsula and the famous Kamenjak lighthouse behind, sail towards the Raša bay. It lies outside of the usual sailing routes, so a visit to one of these indented bays offers the experience of enjoying natural wonders with no crowds, something that is becoming more and more difficult to achieve in the Adriatic and across the Mediterranean as of late. Sail along the snakelike bay with steep cliffs and sporadic dense forests, then moor in the small village of Trget where you can find the best tavern in that part of Istria.

Spend the last moments of your blue Istrian symphony in one of the coves beneath the Kamenjak cape. The entire peninsula is called Premantura, and due to its natural beauty and biodiversity it was declared a nature park, which guarantees an uninterrupted experience of stunning pristine surroundings. Wrap up your Istrian story by visiting its main symbol, the town of Pula with the aforementioned Roman amphitheatre, in case you have not done so upon your arrival.

Suggestions for a 7 day tour:

  • DAY 1: Pula – Lone cove (Rovinj) – Rovinj
  • DAY 2: Rovinj – Plava laguna cove (Poreč) – Novigrad
  • DAY 3: Novigrad – Sv. Križ cove (Lim bay) – NP Brijuni
  • DAY 4: NP Brijuni – Valmižeja cove (Banjole)
  • DAY 5: Valmižeja cove (Banjole) – Tunarica cove (Raša bay) – Trget (Raša bay)
  • DAY 6: Trget (Raša bay – islet Levan (Medulin bay) – Portić cove (Premantura)
  • DAY 7: Portić cove (Premantura) – Pula