Sail to the Beat of the Sea Organ

Zadar, a city made famous for its Sea Organ and Sun Salutation, is the ideal starting point for exploring the numerous island gems of the “green” waters around it. While planning your route from Zadar take into account the weather forecast. Apart from the excellent meteorological service available today, you can also consider the traditional signs of bad weather. In case the western horizon does not signal any incoming storms, and the white clouds gathered above the peaks of Velebit show no signs of bora, it is best to direct your ship towards the indented north-western part of Dugi otok.

This area has numerous islets, shallows, the imposing lighthouse Veli rat, and an eponymous marina providing safe berth, along with numerous other moorings. The most primeval experience can be had by spending the night in the turquoise cove of Sakarun, with a view of the open sea and white sandy beaches that tempt you to play and touch them.

The interior side of Dugi otok is full of villages and safe berths, while the coast is poorly indented and for this reason it is outside of the usual nautical routes. The Nature Park Telašćica, at the southernmost part of the island, also represents one of the biggest and best protected natural harbours in the Adriatic, and its two jewels – a salty lake and steep cliffs in the south – make it a must-see location.

The Kornati islands are a continuation of this natural wonder. Even though they lack vegetation, the 150 “puzzle pieces” that make up the Kornati islands create a magical picture. Decorated with cliffs, harmonious miniature villages, blue lagoons and excellent culinary “stations”, the Kornati are paradise for adventurous hedonists.

The south-western shores of the island of Pašman are completely different. Pašman lies across from Kornati and is filled with lush vegetation and numerous entertainment options. Several excellent, inhabited berths are well-visited in the summer, and if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere there is the Žinčena cove.

If the wind and stars lead you to another pearl of the Zadar region – the island of Iž – spend a peaceful night in one of the island marinas or underneath the stars in the turquoise cove of Knež.

For your final destination head to the island of Vrgada, also known as the fishermen’s island, and spend the night in the cove Luka, surrounded by sandy beaches, thick pine trees and the sounds of crickets. After walking along the village alleys where there are no cars, visit the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak and end your sea adventure with the sounds of the sea organ and one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth.

Suggested seven-day boat tour

  • DAY 1: Zadar – the islets Tri sestrice – Sakarun cove (Dugi otok)
  • DAY 2: Sakarun cove (Dugi otok) – Telašćica harbour (Dugi otok)
  • DAY 3: Telašćica harbour (Dugi otok) – Lojena cove (island of Levrnaka) – ACI Piškera (island of Vela Panitula)
  • DAY 4: ACI Piškera (island of Vela Panitula) – Žutska Aba islet – Žinčena cove (island of Pašman)
  • DAY 5: Žinčena cove (island of Pašman) – Vodenjak cove (island of Iž) – Marina Veli Iž (island of Iž)
  • DAY 6: Marina Veli Iž (island of Iž) – Hiljača cove (island of Žut) – Luka cove (island of Vrgada)
  • DAY 7: Luka cove (island of Vrgada)– Galešnjak islet – Zadar