Šibenik as the Starting Point of Nautical Paradise

Near the town of Šibenik, located at the mouth of the river Krka, numerous islands can be found, the biggest of which are Zlarin, Prvić, Kakan, Kaprije and Žirje. Mooring in the berths of small island towns and enjoying an evening walk among the stone streets is an experience in itself, while swimming and relaxation in the numerous coves offer direct contact with the beauty of the seascape, which makes these islands ideal for your first or last night at sea.

Apart from being close, protected from harsh weather conditions and full of beautiful scenery, these islands also offer various activities, such as visiting the museum of the Croatian inventor Faust Vrančić in Prvić Luka, one of the most interesting museums on Croatian islands.

However, departing from Šibenik offers you the ideal chance to visit one of the most visited protected areas in Croatia, the Krka National Park, so many sailors choose to stay in the town of Skradin on their first night, at the Park entrance. To visit the famous Krka waterfalls created by the river flowing into the sea one needs to sail through the impressive river canyon and then take a National Park boat ride departing from Skradin.

A visit to the waterfalls can be perfectly timed with a visit to Šibenik, the oldest native Croatian town on the coast, surrounded by four fortresses, with the Cathedral of St. James inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and an enchanting old town.

After Šibenik, the route will usually lead towards Kornati, another national park of surreal beauty. In this archipelago you can spend a good part of your vacation. Kornati islands are a magnet for visitors, and the numerous coves with crystal-clear blue seas fit well in the overall wondrous seascape. If the weather conditions are favourable, we recommend you spend the night in the protected coves of the National Park. Local restaurateurs have already recognized the demands of yachtsmen and rose to the occasion by offering safe berth and excellent food, an indispensable part of the tourist offer on Kornati.

After staying on Kornati, the route takes you back to Šibenik, but this time via the strait Proversa where you have the chance to sail around the northern side of the Veliki Kornat island, alongside the island of Žut, and enter into new waters. The return trip is equally pleasant as the departure because you can enjoy some fun in the sea on the islands in front of Šibenik, and choose the berth that suits you the most. If you are going straight to Šibenik, and the weather conditions allow it, we suggest you take a swim at the islet Tetovišnjak Mali, located 9 miles southwest from the entrance of the Šibenik channel. It has beautiful beaches on the southern and northern sides. This is a natural oasis perfect for enjoying the sea, with the popular Tijaščica cove as its “rival”, offering the final touch of nature on the entertaining route full of activities.

Suggested seven-day boat tour

  • DAY 1: Šibenik – Skradin
  • DAY 2: Skradin – Prvić or Zlarin or Potkućina cove (island of Kakan)
  • DAY 3: Potkućina cove – island of Ravni Žakan – Lavsa cove (island of Lavsa)
  • DAY 4: Lavsa cove – Mali and Veliki Rašip / Mana / Lojena cove (island of Levrnaka) – Strižnja cove (island of Kornat)
  • DAY 5: Strižnja cove – Telašćica Nature Park – ACI Marina Žut (island of Žut)
  • DAY 6: Luka Žut – Žutska Aba (island of Žut) – Kaprije (island of Kaprije)
  • DAY 7: Kaprije – Remetić cove (island of Kaprije) / Medoš cove (island of Kaprije) / Tijašćica cove (island of Tijat) – Šibenik