Skradin & Krka

Located 15 kilometres from Šibenik, Skradin is a romantic Mediterranean town with narrow cobbled streets, passages, arches and stairs and is located at the entrance to Krka National Park. Its history dates back two thousand years, accounting for the notable archaeological sites in the local vicinity. The entire town of Skradin is a protected cultural heritage monument.

Under the current name Skradin is mentioned already in the tenth century. It is located on the right bank of river Krka and all until recently has been hiding its beauty sheltered in a natural bay. Today, Skradin’s charms may be seen by any traveller making a stop at the most beautiful rest area of the Zagreb-Split highway and the beautiful bridge from which an unforgettable view may be admired. With its beauty, Skradin has been attracting many conquerors in the history, being devastated on several occasions. It was ruled by old Liburnian, Romans, Goths, Venetians and Turks.

Skradin is a typical Mediterranean town made up of narrow stone-paved streets, arched alleyways, passages, and stairs.

It’s worth a visit to Skradin just to sail up the river, but once there, a trip into the Krk National Park is a must. After mooring your yacht, a short ferry boat ride takes you to the park entrance from where you can walk up to the first of 7 waterfalls which total some 240 meters in height and also take a swim in cold river water before you sail back to the marina.
Skradin has one of the most beautiful marinas in Croatia.

Skradin cake

One of the favourite specialities of the Skradin region is a dessert without which not one celebration or ceremonial lunch can be held, and throughout history it was especially prepared for wedding festivities. This is the Skradin cake, a sweet cake which was made in the 14th century by Skradin’s maidens themselves before their wedding night in order to impress their chosen ones and calmly sail into the marital harbour.

It is believed that the original recipe for this tasty dessert is today preserved by only a very few Skradin housewives, although the list of its ingredients has not significantly changed through history.

Today this delicious cake is prepared from the whites and yolks of local eggs which have been carefully separated and mixed separately. Into the beaten yolks are added sugar and honey, the grated peels of a lemon and orange, a spoonful of rum or liqueur of rose or vanilla, and then gradually added to the mixture are finely ground walnuts and almonds, with the emphasis on walnuts, i.e. three times more. Into the mixture are then added the whisked egg whites and after all the ingredients are well combined the mixture is poured into a buttered mould and baked in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees Celsius. After fifteen minutes the temperature is reduced to 150 degrees and the cake is baked for about an hour. After the cake is removed from the oven and cooled well, it should be poured over with melted chocolate which has had extra butter added as well as milk as required and then decorated with almond leaves or sliced walnut halves.

The loose cake covered with luxurious chocolate and enriched with nutty fruits will satisfy the most demanding gourmets, and it brings a whiff of the Skradin region to the table. Along with a slice of real Skradin torcakete it is traditional to make a toast with the local drinks such as Prošek, the Dalmatian dessert wine with a specific sweetness and vivacity, so in a lovely and tasty way rounding off the dining ceremony.

Krka / Skradin / Lake Prokljan

The rugged landscape of the Šibenik hinterland does not suggest that somewhere at the foot of the Dinara, the highest mountain in Croatia, hidden in a ten-metre-high waterfall, one of the most attractive karst rivers, the River Krka begins its journey. Nearby the charming little historical town of Skradin situated at the mouth of the Krka itself and a little further away from Šibenik, which is experiencing a tourist renaissance, makes this river ideal for a day trip in the kingdom of travertine forms, of large and noisy waterfalls, as well as the unusual environment that has been created thanks to the power of the flow of the water.

Along the initial kilometres, this river is joined by five smaller tributaries, with which it passes through fertile fields, after which the Krka starts carving into the bare limestone landscape, immediately after Brljan Lake. Although this river is to a great extent protected under the auspice of the Krka National Park and kayaking is not permitted, for a daily dose of paddling it is best to paddle from Skradin to the beautiful Lake Prokljan where the cold water of the Krka mixes with the sea. With a relaxed paddle you can descend to Šibenik, but before that take a swim at the beach of Bilice and enjoy some of the local specialities, such as the eels caught in the area.

One feature of the Krka National Park is the possibility of exploring every corner thanks to the well-developed walking and cycling paths so you will not miss out on the experience of the Visovac monastery in the middle of Visovac Lake, the Roman camp of Burnum or the mediaeval fortresses which tower over the Krka.

The arranged footpaths lead alongside a renovated mill, where you can peek into the ethnographic legacy of this region, as well as see the original method of milling grain.

The Krka is rich with the phenomenon of travertine barriers and beautiful waterfalls, of which the final one is Skradinski Buk. Although not the highest, it is definitely one of the most spectacular, because its 800-metre-length and more than 40-metre-height will leave nobody indifferent, and it is up to you whether you want to visit the other six waterfalls. If you haven’t had your dose of paddling, the surrounding agencies will understand and can take you to the beautiful waters of the Krupa and Zrmanja, and paddling in silence you will certainly wonder how it is possible that so much unbelievable beauty is in such a small place and that you really find yourself at the right time in the right place

ACI Marina Skradin

One of the most beautiful of the ACI marinas is situated right at the mouth of the Krka River, and due to the unique combination of sea and fresh water it is especially interesting for owners of wooden vessels. During the summer months it is the starting point for many boaters to visit the nearby Krka National Park. From the picturesque town centre of Skradin the marina forms a unique place where a pleasant atmosphere prevails and where there is an excellent choice of cuisine.

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