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Top places to visit with a sailing yacht or catamaran from our base in Trogir, Marina Baotić

Exploring the Croatian coast from our base in Trogir with a sailing yacht offers a wealth of breathtaking bays, islands, and coastal gems.

Here’s a curated list of top 20 places to consider for an unforgettable sailing experience:


1. Hvar: Revel in the vibrant atmosphere of Hvar Town, explore hidden bays like Palmižana,
and witness the sunset from the iconic Fortica fortress.
2. Brač: Visit the famous Zlatni Rat beach, explore the charming town of Bol, and discover the tranquil bays of Milna.
3. Vis: Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Stiniva Cove, explore the vibrant Vis Town, and don’t miss the mesmerizing Blue Cave on Biševo.
4. Korčula: Wander through the medieval streets of Korčula Town, anchor in the peaceful bay of Vrnik Islet, and visit the enchanting island of Badija.
5. Šolta: Discover the quaint village of Stomorska, anchor in the scenic Šešula Bay, and enjoy the serenity of Maslinica.
Bays and Coves:
6. Pakleni Islands: Explore the secluded coves and anchorages scattered across the Pakleni

Islands, each offering its own unique charm.

7. Stiniva Cove (Vis): Navigate through the narrow entrance to discover the stunning Stiniva Cove, surrounded by towering cliffs.
8. Lučice Bay (Brač): A picturesque bay on Brač with crystal-clear waters, ideal for a peaceful anchorage.
9. Skrivena Luka (Lastovo): Known as the Hidden Harbor, this bay in Lastovo offers a serene and secluded retreat.
10. Mljet National Park: Anchor in the serene Polače Bay and explore the lush green landscapes of Mljet, including the famous Odysseus Cave.

Coastal Towns and Villages:

11. Rogoznica: A charming coastal village with a safe marina, ideal for a relaxing stopover.
12. Primošten: Discover the unique charm of Primošten, known for its medieval architecture and vineyards.
13. Komiža (Vis): Experience the authentic fishing village atmosphere in Komiža, with its colorful waterfront.
14. Tisno: Visit the charming town of Tisno, located on the island of Murter, famous for its music festivals and bridge connecting the island to the mainland.
15.  Vrboska (Hvar): Often referred to as “Little Venice,” Vrboska is a picturesque town with narrow canals and charming architecture.

Nature Parks and Reserves:

16. Krka National Park: Sail up the Krka River to explore the stunning waterfalls and natural beauty of Krka National Park.
17. Kornati National Park: Discover the unique landscapes of the Kornati archipelago, a sailor’s paradise with over 100 islands.
Historical and Cultural Sites:
Split: Explore the historical Diocletian’s Palace and vibrant old town of Split, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
19. Trogir: Begin or end your journey in the UNESCO-listed town of Trogir, known for its medieval architecture and charming streets.
20. Dubrovnik: While a bit further south, Dubrovnik is a cultural gem with its well-preserved city walls, historic Old Town, and stunning views.

This selection offers a diverse and enchanting sailing experience along the Croatian coast, combining natural beauty, historical richness, and the allure of vibrant coastal life.