Islan Šćedro

Along the south shore of the island of Hvar there is another small island of Šćedro. Protected as a nature park, in its untouched beauty, with many hidden coves, it provides an intimate experience to every visitor and once you feel the charm of those quiet coves, sweet aromas of nature and glimmering sun on crystal clear water you would want to stay forever.

Since the Ancient times Šćedro coves have been known as good places for anchorage and safe harbors, quite possibly one  of the most epic battles like the one between Pompeius and Caesar in 49 B.C., might have happened here as  numerous discoveries in the depths around Šćedro attest to. Long time ago because of the somewhat more humid climate than that on the island of Hvar, wheat was cultivated on Šćedro.On the hill there is an old abandoned village called Nastane, which will take you back to history with its picturesque stone houses.
During the tourist season a boat travels daily to Šćedro.

Protected nature park

Natural beauty

The beauty of Šćedro lines inits indentted costline and abundant plant cover with the typical Mediterranen combinations of woodland and undergrowth. There are two villages on the islet, Mostir and Nastane, which were once inhabited, but are now only sparsely occupied, mainly in the summer. Onland and in the surrounding sea are several historical archaeological sites.

Šćedro the merciful for sailors and yachtsmen

Yachtsmen love the little island of Šćedro, as it is only accessible by boat. In summer many boats moor in the secure bays on the north side of the island, so that the owners can enjoy the peace and silence, the clean sea, and the fresh fish on offer in the restaurants.

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