Island Ugljan

This island area in the Zadar archipelago that includes the town of Zadar is one of the most beautiful and most visited parts of the Croatian Mediterranean. Covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation, and its connection with the sea is enhanced by the numerous bays of various sizes and shapes.

Relatively densely populated, especially on the north-eastern coast, where there is a row of seven beautiful villages that stand like seven jewels. The largest is Preko, followed by Ugljan. All the villages on the island have an imprint of the harmonious combination of abundant Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as traditional and contemporary entertainment and recreation.
Explore the island of Ugljan and biking trails through the picturesque villages, and many natural bays, especially those in Mulina, which offer suitable moorings for sailors or a secluded corner for naturists.


Region: Dalmatia – Zadar