Kanfanar – a picturesque town in the interior of Istria. If you follow one of the hiking, or biking or car routes in the Kanfanar countryside, you will discover many beauties – the medieval town of Dvigrad, a zero category monument, Romualdo’s cave – home to three thousand bats, the Lim channel – a protected nature reserve.
Attend one of the proper Istrian tourist attractions that are held the last Saturday in July – the traditional folk festival of Jakovljevo, a festival of the largest cattle in Istria, the “Boškarin”. In the agro tourism small holdings, you can enjoy the charms of local Istrian cuisine, and sporting appetites will be satisfied by the cliffs at Ladićevih kruga as well as the many trails in the beautiful countryside of Istria.


Region: istra
Web: https://visitkanfanar.hr/en/