Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun

The Sea Organ has become a modern icon of the city – this is a unique architectural miracle built in the underwater part of the city quay. The currents of waves and their passage through musical pipes installed beneath the surface of the sea create an amazing sound, the so-called sea music, filling the large space of the seaside promenade.

The same architect, Nikola Bašić, takes credit for the Greeting to the Sun, situated right at the top of Zadar peninsula. The Greeting to the Sun consists of three hundred multilayer glass plates installed at the same level as the stone paving of the quay in the shape of a circle 22 meters in diameter. It is conceived as a spatial installation in the shape of an amphitheater surrounded by stone blocks with a presentation of all Solar System planets and their orbits.

According to the famous Alfred Hitchcock, this part of the Zadar quay provides a view of the most beautiful sunset in the world.