Croatia Explorer Gulet Cruise Vacation

Who is this “tour” tour for?

  • For “Active, on-the-go” groups that like to explore, go out of the gulet every single day to check new places & towns and do not mind spots that are a bit more crowded from time to time.
  • This tour is perfect for dates May, June, September, October when it is not too hot and you can easily tour all of these places in detail.

Dynamic, Active, Interesting….

  • Dynamic: different places to explore every single day.
  • Active: go ashore every day, walk, sightsee, take pictures, learn.
  • Interesting: different palaces, churches, city centers, taverns, wine yards, history.
  • TOUR FLEXIBILITY: Huge. You can cruise this in 99 different ways. Lots of extra trips, activities, hiking and sightseeing options.

Arrive in Trogir or Split

You will love the UNESCO protected sites, medieval palaces & churches and beautiful scenery. Great and superb towns to explore. Guided tours highly reccomended!

Makarska Riviera

Explore town center, find a local restaurant, get lost between many different shops, have a drink in some of the bars or party all night long. Makarska is just bursting with life and energy.

Dioketian Palace in Split

Travel back in time…

Korčula – Climbing City Walls

Great views, interesting hike.

Makarska Riviera Night Life

Bars, taverns, shops & more.

Hvar Castle Exploration

Take great pictures.

Island Hvar – Town Hvar

Visit the old castle, try one of the famous 5 star restaurants, get a taste of “Carpe Diem”  and say hello to Bernie Accelstone or some other supestar spending time there on his mega yacht.

Island Korčula

Explore the main town, climb city walls, take a donkey ride to local tourist farms, visit one of many taverns, take a guided tour or have a bottle of wine overlooking the old harbor.